Fire and Pets

Are your beloved pets included in your fire plan?

Whether pets are at home with you, on holidays with you or moved on high fire risk days, you have to arrange a plan for their wellbeing when planning your own safety and that of you family and friends.

Please ensure you incorporate your pets in your Bushfire Survival Plan and plan what you'll do with your pets on high risk fire days.

In the event that you are leaving with your pets, please ensure you have an evacuation kit ready which caters for all your pets requirements.

Although it will be difficult, always consider your own safety ahead of your pets. In the event where you are leaving early and it comes a time that you are loading your pets in your vehicle and they run away or get out of a cage, you'll need to make a tough decision. Remember in an emergency situation people can panic and won't be able to think clearly. So please have a plan for this and consider your own safety and that of your family and / or friends first.

Your Pet Bushfire Kit should contain:

Food and water
A bowl for each pet
A spare collar and lead
A carrier for cats and smaller pets
Bedding and a woolen blanket
A pet first-aid kit – ask your local vet for advice
Maybe a favourite toy
Any medications, along with a written list of what they are
A copy of your pet's medical history, including proof of vaccination
Your vet's contact details
Any other necessity you think your pets will require


For further information regarding Fire and Pets, please checkout these resources below:

Pets and Bushfires Fact Sheet (CFA-VIC) - PDF
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